Having a Plan in Wedding Photography

If you’re in the profession of wedding photography, you know that weddings are a disaster waiting to happen. Many people are unaware that it takes a lot of planning as a wedding photographer to get everything just right.

wedding photography planning

“Wedding” captured by Rachel E

For those who are just starting out, here are some techniques that can help you when you’re about to photograph a wedding.

Do Some Reconnaissance at the Venue

The couple selected their wedding location for their own specific reasons. That being said, they deserve—and expect—excellent pictures from their photographer because they are paying to get one of their most precious moments captured.

As a wedding photographer, you should always get familiar with the location ahead of time, so you can make sure you find it. By doing so, you can have a visual in your mind about how the wedding is going to be set up and that will make it easier on you to produce high quality shots.

Always Be Aware of the Bride

Make sure to always follow the bride. Essentially, you want to be wherever she is. This isn’t to say that the groom isn’t as important. You do want to get him in as many shots as possible, but in all reality all eyes are focused on the bride. The guests want to see her in her makeup, and her dress, and see how stunning she is. She is the center of attention because it is her wedding day. You want to take pictures that reflect that.

Always Have a Backup

Unfortunately, technology isn’t fail proof, and you never know when your camera will fail on you. No matter how reliable your camera is, it’s bound to have problems some day. For this reason, always bring at least one spare camera. I recommend bringing both a wide angle lens camera as well as a longer lens camera. You can capture most of the wedding with the wider lens camera, and get the most intimate moments with the longer lens camera.

wedding photo

Photo captured by Darryn

Make a Shot List

You’ll be on your feet going at full speed all day of the wedding, and it can be quite easy to forget to take some important shots. To avoid this, create a shot list. This shot list should include shots that the couple has set out for you to take as well as shots that you think you want to take. This is the easiest way to always remember what shots need to be taken.

Making sure everything is set for a wedding is a difficult task. You have to be meticulous in everything you do as the photographer because you have people counting on you to capture one of the most precious moments in their lives. If you follow these tips, preparing for the wedding day should be a little easier for you.

About the Author:
Mike Force is a professional wedding photographer (http://www.mikeforce.com) based in Georgia.

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    Planning the poses to do with the couple can also be very important. I always plan this before, otherwise I find it difficult to get the types of photos I want from the wedding.

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