Handling Difficult Economic Times as a Photographer

Every now and then, things do go wrong in a country, or even throughout the world. And when the economy goes bad, many people start losing their jobs. We must admit that photography too is a field that gets a big blow in such times. It’s not a situation that anybody wants to be in, but it’s best to be prepared. Photographer Thomas Heaton shares some ideas of how you can make some extra money, and expand your skillset for some extra income when photography gigs are harder to come by:

Heaton starts off with a short-term solution that will help you get out of any immediate financial crisis. And that is by selling any unused gear that you might have lying around. Identify the gear that you have not used for some time, and won’t be using in the coming days and then sell them off.

If working in the field is not an option, take things online. If your workshops were canceled, try hosting them online. You could even utilize your time in writing an e-book and put it up for sale. This won’t land you with a ton of money instantly, but it will generate you some money for a longer period of time. If you prefer facing the camera, consider starting a Youtube channel as well. Many people want to learn photography so why not share your experience online? A good idea is to link your content with your e-book. Once you get a good audience, you can start promoting your course, e-book, and even get sponsorships or commissions through affiliate links.

Also, look at the bright side. Instead of remaining idle, you can use the time to learn a new skill. If you’ve always wanted to brush up your skills in Photoshop or Lightroom, this is the best time. If there’s a feature in your camera that you were always curious about, this is the time to master it. Always wanted to learn about a certain lighting setup that your favorite photographer uses? What better time to do so? Use this time to brush up on your skills, and add value to your photography.

Times can surely get difficult. But the key is to not lose hope. Keep on persevering. See how you can make the best out of this bad time so that you can come out of it stronger.

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