Hacking Photography Lightroom Presets

This new bundle of 100 Lightroom presets is designed to take your photography from average to amazing…in just one click. “I used to think my photos were terrible because they didn’t look like the photographers photos I looked up to. I didn’t realize that while taking a great photo is important, a great photo edit is equally as important” -Creator Mike Newton.

hacking photography lightroom presets

Hacking Photography Lightroom Presets

Professional commercial photographer Mike Newton created 100 Lightroom presets in 4 different collections to make sure you get the right edit for the right photo.

Included in the bundle:

  • 25 Color Blast Presets – Are you ready for stunning, vivid colors in your photographs? These 25 Color-Blasting presets were designed to create rich, buttery colors in every image.
  • 25 Black and White Presets – When correctly edited, black and white photographs get to the soul of an image. These 25 black and white presets have become my go-to presets when I need stark, sharp black and white images to grab attention.
  • 25 Old School Color Presets – Sometimes your photographs cry out for that ‘cool’ factor. These 25 Old School Color presets roll back the clock and create a vintage appearance to your photos.
  • 25 Night Color Presets – Shooting at night can be difficult. Add in different colored street lights, building lights, and ambient lights it can get downright hard. These 25 presets to take your night time photos to the next level.
before after examples

Some Before/After Examples

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  1. watertime says:

    Maybe I missed it there is no code for the discount

  2. BobW says:

    I don’t think there is a discount code.
    It looks as if mike@hackingphotography is offering this 50% discount to everybody at the moment.

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