Group Boudoir Photography: The Latest Trend

Though boudoir photography for individuals has been around for quite awhile, a new trend in female bonding has redefined the sexy genre as a luxury to be enjoyed with friends. Women are commemorating bachelorette parties, milestone birthdays, big trips, maternity, and even divorces with scantily clad group photo shoots. The following clip details this fad and highlights photographer Chris Lo Bue‘s boudoir photo business:

Photographers interested in adding boudoir to their repertoire can take some advice from Lo Bue’s experience. He helps women get comfortable in front of the camera by encouraging them to invite their friends, allowing them to bring their own lingerie, offering glamorous hair and makeup sessions, striving to make them feel pampered, and airbrushing the final images, as requested.



Making boudoir photography a shared experience not only creates a fun memory for clients (Via Petapixel), it’s likely to generate more sales. Each woman in the group is inclined to make a purchase after the session. Pleased clients who feel great about how they look in their photographs will share them with other friends, who may also be persuaded to book their own photo shoots. This new photography trend stands to benefit everyone involved.

For further training on boudoir photography:

There is a full guide on the difficult art of Boudoir Photography aided by Speedlights. Michael Zelbel has developed a method to shoot wonderful beauty photos with a set of lighting gear, that is so small, it fits into his carry-on luggage when traveling. It’s easy to use and enabled him to walk into any bedroom and turn it into a stage for breathtaking boudoir photos within minutes. The guide also carries a 60 day no-questions-asked guarantee so there is no risk in trying it. Remember to use the voucher code PICTURECORRECT for a discount.

It can be found here: The Art of Boudoir Photography with Speedlights

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  1. I love this idea! I am a boudoir photographer myself but have yet to have a group shoot. Typically, when we have a group that comes together we may do a group photo at the end but I love the idea of the whole shoot being centered around the group. Thank you for sharing.

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