Gravity Defying Photographer: Li Wei

A prominent trick photographer in Asia is Chinese artist Li Wei. While studying painting, he came to the realization that he instead preferred to express himself through performance art and photography. He ultimately decided to leave school to develop a way in which he could combine the two, creating a medium that is, both, a little mind bending and gravity defying. In the mini-documentary below, Wei describes his process to the audience, candidly revealing what art means to him and his photography, have a look:

“This is a digital age. In this rapidally changing world, I wanted to use the permanent medium of photography to capture my art. So my art developed using both performance and photography combined.”

photographer li wei
trick photography

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One response to “Gravity Defying Photographer: Li Wei”

  1. bency says:

    “Photography teaches that how well you see has nothing to do with how well you see.” – Anonymous

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