Google Doodle with Paint Splashes: Creative Photo Project

If you’ve never heard of Atlanta based photographer, Alex Koloskov, you may want to do a quick Google search of him. In terms of thinking outside of the box, Koloskov basically epitomizes it. Watching him perform his art during a commercial photoshoot is pretty entertaining. He likes to makes messes. Big messes. And it usually involves throwing liquids–sometimes at people— to photograph it mid-air. By the way, speaking of Google and throwing messy liquids in front of cameras, it turns out Koloskov is the genius behind the popular Google Splash logo, which makes perfect sense. Have a look at how he pulled it off:

Koloskov makes it look so easy, but that’s probably because the idea of slinging paint all over in a photography studio is so appealing to me–and also totally worth the mess.

google splash doodle

Makes you wonder how many people just assume the logo was entirely computer generated instead of coming from manipulated photographs.

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3 responses to “Google Doodle with Paint Splashes: Creative Photo Project”

  1. Debby Bruck says:

    That was fascinating to watch how the colorful logo was created using paints and camera. Reminded me of Jackson Pollack splatter paint technique. Thanks so much, Debby

  2. emily says:

    way cool! i wanna play with paint now! hey, also, what was the app that he had on his iphone at the beginning of the shoot? it looked like a dial of some sort. light meter? speaking of, anyone have a good light meter app that is pretty accurate? i have a very old camera that I can not find batteries for, and need something fairly reliable to use as a light meter. I am a photo student, so i dont have the money currently to purchase a digital light meter. Any suggestions would be helpful. In fact if you know of a reliable light meter that is around 100 or less i would look at that!

  3. PrincessR says:

    Wow! That was very, very neat! Love it!

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