Getting Started with Sunset Photography

Sunsets offer magical windows of time where everything appears alluring. No wonder photographers flock to locations with the objective of shooting during sunsets. Thanks to the magical touch of the golden hour, a photograph’s level of attractiveness appears to level up by at least a couple notches. However, this does not mean that taking photos during sunsets makes your photos come out great by default. You still need to be deliberate about your technique. In this video, photographer Maria Perez with B&H talks about everything you need to know for planning and taking photos during sunset:

Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t expect your photos to come out strong and beautiful just because you are shooting during sunset. It does take quite a bit of preparation. Perez thus primarily talks about location scouting, gear, styles, and settings for sunset photography. Her tips work great not only when you’re photographing landscapes, but for portrait photography as well.

“When shooting the sunset, choose a west-facing location.”

Scouting your location is very important. You can’t just pop into a location and start shooting. Use apps, maps, or reach the location a couple of hours early to scout your location.

As for gear, it depends on what you want to shoot. Wide-angle lenses work great for shooting landscapes. If you want to do portraits, a telephoto lens might be ideal. And if long-exposure is what you’re looking for, be sure to have an ND filter and a tripod handy.

For an elaborate description of the tips and tricks to shoot during sunset, be sure to go through the entire video. You’ll learn a good deal while being inspired by her example photography.

What’s your favorite sunset photography tip?

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