Generating Income with Product Photography

Photographing models is a pretty convenient way to build your photography portfolio. However, there are quite a few catches involved in this genre. For one, the return on investment is low. Second, it’s hard to know whether people like the model in the photo or your photography. Product photography on the other hand is quite a lucrative option. In this video, photographer Ty Turner from Flash Film Academy talks about how you can have a better income with product photography:

Thanks to the popularity of online shopping today, product photography has gained a lot of importance. Brands need images of their products being used to advertise to the masses how they can help solve problems. What does this mean as a photographer? Instead of just photographing a model, see what product you can incorporate in the shot.

“Product photography is way more valuable than booty photography.”

And when you do incorporate a product in the shot, ensure that you light for the product. Make the products the heroes in the image. Next, an important task is to look for appropriate customers. Your customer could be a local business, an apartment complex, or even people on Airbnb. You can make the models a part of the product image, and come up with a killer image.

“Take the expertise you have in capturing images of people, and apply it to that product photography.”

Try your hand at product photography and see if you can turn your hobby into a business. If you’re able to do it successfully, work will never feel like work again.

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