Galapagos Wildlife Photography Walkthrough

How do you take awesome pictures of a tortoise that hardly moves? What do you need to capture small crabs in big, bold detail? Where should a person start when there’s an overload of gulls and iguanas waiting to be photographed?

These may not be questions you ask yourself every day. But any wildlife photographer visiting the Galapagos Islands will have to ponder over a few of these puzzles. Because of the unique and plentiful flora and fauna, many consider the area among the easiest to make stellar wildlife images. However, it proves to be an overwhelming experience for some.

While touring the Galapagos, photographer Brenden Van Son took the time to record his adventure step by step. While dealing with all of the photographic issues that come from uncontrolled environments and subjects, he kindly lends his two cents on many of the roadblocks visiting photographers face.

In particular, he provides some valuable insight into getting great compositions. Believe it or not, there are ways to bring out the personality of even the most stagnant creatures through your pictures. What’s more, Van Son illustrates just how much trying something a little unconventional can benefit an image.

Whether you’re planning to trek to the islands or interested in wildlife a little closer to home, it’s worth seeing how others take on the task of photographing animals in their natural habitat!

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