Funny Spoof Shows You How to Photograph a Wedding

Sometimes going for that perfect shot can make us oblivious to the people around us. In everyday situations, this might create an awkward moment or two, but at a wedding it can be disastrous. In the video below, photographer Randy Risling gives us a quick guide on what not to do when going for those amazing wedding shots:

Obvious satire aside, Risling’s main point is that it’s important for photographers to be as unobtrusive as possible at weddings. (Via PetaPixel) Here are some of his key points:

  • Make as little noise as possible. Make sure your turn off any settings that beep or make other unnecessary noises.
  • Respect the needs of the guests. Come early if you’re concerned with seating arrangements, and be mindful of the seating wishes of the organizers.
  • Turn off anything your camera might do that creates distracting visuals. Red-eye reduction, pop-up flash, and focus assist are big culprits.
  • Respect the space around the bride and groom. Give the couple both time and space, both during the ceremony and afterward. It’s hard to believe that some people actually enter the aisle when the bride’s walking down it or hover during the vows, but it does happen. Make sure you’re not one of these people. And for heaven’s sake, if you’re not the hired photographer, don’t dart out in front of the one that is and get in the way of their shot!

Have you seen someone do this?

  • If you’re the hired photographer, it’s always helpful to have a pre-wedding consultation to see what the couple is expecting from you. It’s their day, not yours, so it’s important to have a clear idea of how they would like everything to happen.
  • And last (but not least) check on the dress code before attending. The last thing you would want is to be under-dressed at an upscale affair.

What other wedding photography faux pas have you witnessed?

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2 responses to “Funny Spoof Shows You How to Photograph a Wedding”

  1. photoman022 says:

    I am a pastor who has officiated at many weddings. The worst photographer was at my first wedding. It was in the days of film. He showed up with an adapter that allowed him to shoot bulk film (I know what bulk film is because I used to load my own B&W film canisters) and automatically forward the film. His shutter was loud. “C-L-I-C-K, ZING! C-L-I-C-K, ZING!) All of that being said, He climbed up on the communion rail (it’s only about 6 inches wide), balancing himself off of the groom’s men shoulders, to get a photo of the ring exchange. He climbed over the rail to get in back of me and jostled me out of the way to get his “good shots”. I gave him an elbow to his ribs. I already told him (and the couple) that I would stage all of those shots. He was an amateur with a lot of gear that he wanted to show off.

  2. Donald Nor. says:

    This is very true always there will be situations where things and problems arise. We as photographers have to learn to get around them.

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