Fresh Winter Photography Ideas

Looking to bring your winter wonderland to life? Photographer Toma Bonciu offers a few simple but sound pieces of advice to bring drama and liveliness to your images:

Take advantage of the short days

People are quick to complain about the winter’s waning daylight hours. However, photographers will find that while the quantity decreases, quality often increases.

morning winter light

The glowing light that comes with sunrise and sunset can really bring out fine textures and cast interesting colors from deep purples to warm, engulfing oranges. Even fog can become infinitely more beautiful in the winter light.

dramatic winter landscape

Furthermore, the snow can play well to bring out the best parts of the day. For instance, a sunrise beaming at the right angle can cast reflections on the snow. As the white reflects any and all light, even a silhouette in the night is possible.

Embrace the cold

It’s not exactly the most appealing idea to pull on scarves, coats, gloves, and hats to brave the weather. However, you’ll very likely thank yourself for making the effort. Between the ice and snow, there’s a lot of interesting subject matter to be had.

ideas for snow photography

Go out while it’s snowing and make the effort to capture landscapes while it’s still fresh. Go out in the blistering wind and catch flakes as they’re moved about in the evening sun. Capture the surreal beauty of bodies of water and falls frozen solid. Even a small frozen detail can make for a stunning photograph.

lines in the snow

Don’t forget the basics

The winter can be an exciting time of year, but don’t let it catch you off guard. Apply the same elements of design in the environment. Seek out interesting geometric elements and leading lines.

winter photography minimalism

Isolate the subject matter you want viewers to focus on most. Pay attention to your environment and make adjustments according to your surroundings. For instance, perfectly white snow can be used to make a very minimalistic shot.

macro images in snow

Have fun

If you don’t get a photograph your happy with, don’t stress out. Just go out later and try something new. Don’t pressure yourself. Always remember that making images is about capturing a moment and, more importantly, having a good time.

long exposure snow

“Now, you can experiment with every aspect that you want—the important thing is to enjoy winter.”

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