Foreground Tips for Landscape Photographers

A great photograph is about balance. Many of us carefully calculate composition, and plenty of us spend hours location scouting for compelling backdrops. But, all too often, photographers overlook creating compelling foregrounds. Often the first thing people see when gazing at a photograph, the foreground is a hook to pull viewers deeper into your images.

Luckily, photographer Nigel Danson has a few pointers on how to find and frame a foreground. Showing off some shots from Norway and beyond, Danson goes into detail about his strategies for fantastic foregrounds that don’t entirely drown out other surroundings.

It isn’t just about finding a subject that makes you stop and stare. The angle and perspective you choose can play an enormous role in how much your foreground stands out. When approached a certain way, even simple pattens can become spellbinding. What’s more, it’s important to find ways to prod your viewers past the front lines of your photo using the basic elements of composition. If your foreground has lines, tones, or shapes that invite viewers further into your shot, all the better.

It’s not good enough to simply think of each photographic composition as a whole. In order to make something powerful, you have to consider all of the individual parts that make up the whole. Tune in to Danson’s dive into the dos and don’ts of foregrounds. With practice, precision, and patience, these techniques can add some serious depth to your next landscape.

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