For Better Photos Invest in Experiences, Not Gear

It’s amazing how photographers can be sucked into a world filled with newer and better gear. It’s a fact that photography gear manufacturers do tend to play to the gallery at times by releasing better, faster and more intimidating looking must-have products. It’s another thing though whether all that gear makes you a better photographer. As the famous Henri Cartier-Bresson once famously put it, “The best part of the camera is the six inches behind it.”:

Eventually, if you want to become a better photographer, invest not in the gear that you think is going to take great photos. Instead, invest in better experiences. In other words, invest in opportunities to make great images.

As Joshua Cripps puts it,

“When it comes down to it, a great photo is the result of you being at the right place at the right time, in order to push the shutter button. And it’s that moment that matters whether you are shooting with a modern technological marvel or an ancient point & shoot.”

D7000 photos

This amazing photo was shot using a D50!

To really drive home that fact, Cripps shares a number of images. All of these were shot with cameras that no longer represent ‘cutting-edge’ technology. Some of these are no longer even made by their respective manufacturers! But does that mean that these images are any less than the ones shot by the latest and greatest models? Naah!

If this doesn’t change your mind, nothing will. Unless of course you have your heart set on a 246.3 megapixel camera with side-lit sensor that captures 57-stops of light and beams 8K videos straight to your brain with the help of a 14–800mm lens. Whatever that means!

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2 responses to “For Better Photos Invest in Experiences, Not Gear”

  1. Thomas says:

    Hey Rajib!

    This is so true, you do not need lots of photography gear to be a good photographer. Something I would like to add is that you do not always need to take a picture. Put the experience first and the picture-taking process second.

    If you enjoy yourself and find peace (or excitement or whatever you are looking for) in your surroundings, then great image might follow as well. Sometimes, the best piece of “equipment” are our eyes and our brain…

  2. Frednology says:

    Hello Rajib!

    Yes, I also agree with you. Sometimes you just need the right angle and strategy to do your thing. When it comes to photography, the experience is a must then, later on, we good gear can be just then added to it.

    Nice post!

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