Food Levitation Photography Tutorial

Most of the food photographs that we see are based on the flat lay concept. This essentially means the food items are laid flat on a surface to photograph them. It’s a tried and true method that works well in the marketplace. But what if you could add a touch of magic to food photography and make the food items float? Commercial photographer Karl Taylor takes you through the techniques of photographing flying food in this video:

The food photography market has evolved, adding a greater sense of excitement than that of traditional flat lay photography. If you think about it, you must’ve seen quite a number of levitating burgers and suspended salads yourself nowadays.

“Flying food seems to be taking over the photography market.”

Taylor addresses the potential challenges when photographing levitating food, and shares how you can tackle them. He takes you through the processes that go into ideation, preparation, lighting, and shooting.

Photographing levitating food is something that requires a serious level of devotion. You really need to plan out your shot and identify any challenges beforehand. This helps in preparing the solutions to any problems that may arise. Taylor takes this a step further and also demonstrates how he uses similar techniques to photograph other levitating subjects.

If you want to try doing some professional level levitation photography, you can’t afford to miss out on this video. Learning from a professional like Taylor can seriously take your photography to the next level.

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