Flash Photography: 5 Tips for Portraits

Many photographers are familiar with using a flash to light their photos, especially if they are shooting outdoor portraits or wedding shots.

But the million-dollar question is, are you using the flash the way you are supposed to? Professional photographer and teacher Scott Kelby with B&H has some simple yet amazing tips for anyone using or looking to use flash in their photography.

It’s worth watching the whole video, but if you want a quick summary, these are the five tips:

Tip 1: If you are shooting outdoors, make sure you put a gel over your flash. Save yourself from the noticeable contrast of white light under the yellow sun.

Tip 2: Lower the power of your flash.

Tip 3: When you are shooting outdoors in the afternoon light, your base exposure should make the subject appear in a silhouette. Add the flash just to light the subject. As Kelby says:

“The only thing you want lighting your subject is the flash.”

Tip 4: Try one-stop diffuser.

Tip 5: Use a lightbox.

Want to understand more? Check out the video above for some more insights. Kelby’s advice is worthwhile for beginners and pros alike.

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