Finding the Photo: Journey of a Photographer

In photography, developing an eye for good composition and subject matter doesn’t always come naturally. For many it takes years of practice and studying to be able to spot what will make a good photograph. In the following mini-documentary, Art Wolfe describes the methods he has used over the span of his 30-year career as a professional photographer. Take a moment to enjoy some of his work as he imparts his wisdom and reflects on becoming the photographer most strive to be.

“When I’m out looking for photographs its very much like a hunt. There are treasures out there in the forest, out there in the deserts and the mountains, in the cities…It’s my job to try to find those treasures.”

understanding photography compositionunderstanding photography composition

It’s interesting to learn that Wolfe’s studies of art history and painting have helped him along the way, enabling him to look at something and point out certain characteristics of it that remind him of the works of some very famous painters.

“I think the personal challenge is to look at the work of others and see the inception of an idea and take it into your own journey. It keeps things original and you avoide replicating what has already been done.”

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