Find Momo: A Photography Collaboration with Man’s Best Friend

It’s no secret that dogs around the world have long held the title of man’s best friend. But, in the case of Momo the border collie, a dog can act as an artistic collaborator as well as a constant companion:

Although Canadian artist Andrew Knapp studied graphic design as a younger man, he always retained an interest in photography. When Momo came into Knapp’s life, Knapp quickly realized that his pet was a natural model, which led to spending more time with camera in tow. Soon enough, his muse and the medium meshed, launching a photographic series documenting the duo’s experiences together.

momo border collie

At first, the photographs simply consisted of Momo hiding in both industrial and natural landscapes. Over time, the project expanded beyond scenic vistas and bright city streets to include the smaller moments of beauty that occurred over every step of their journey together. For most, the opportunity to travel all over the world with their best pal would be a dream come true. Knapp is no exception. Always looking to see something new, Knapp and Momo are able to find inspiration in just about any situation.

dog photography

Eventually, Knapp approached a few publishers to create a print project covering his adventures with Momo. Soon enough, he was able to publish a monograph featuring years of archived shots. In addition, Knapp worked with publishers to produce an interactive children’s book titled Find Momo. What lies in store for the pair’s future is anyone’s guess.

Nevertheless, there’s one important lesson to be learned from Knapp’s photographic journey. Making images isn’t just about making something pretty; rather, it’s a powerful medium capable of conveying stories and tying us closer to the individual passions that make life worth living.

travel photo series with a dog

“I strive to deliver some sort of positive message…hopefully one of my photos brightens someone’s day. And that’s enough.”

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One response to “Find Momo: A Photography Collaboration with Man’s Best Friend”

  1. Ara Truth says:

    Its cute to have a companion like dogs on your photography adventure. Here are some additional tips for it: Its best to know the your pet, go play with them. Have lots of goodies in reach, hide food somewhere, let them search for it and set op your shooting position right there. They don’t always have to look in the camera but if you want them to do that, let the pet owner stand behind or beside you and let them attract their attention. Always keep low, eye level, go on your knees or your belly. Dogs often don’t like lenses, they look like big eyes and normally a dog won’t look you straight in the eye. Again: have the owner close by or behind you. Avoid flash light. Take breaks. Ask a third person to walk away with the dog, you and the owner stay, let the dog run towards you.

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