Fighting Through the Beginner Phase of Creative Work

The first time you ever took pictures on your new DSLR, you probably thought “wow”. It’s possible you didn’t realize you could take such good pictures and those first images are maybe what got you into photography in the first place. So you start to study, maybe take lessons, learn everything you can, but after a few months there is an underlying sense of disappointment, a feeling that you’re not meeting your expectations. If that sounds like you, take a look at this short and inspirational video featuring the words of Ira Glass:

What you are going through is a normal part of the creative growing process. If you can come to realize that in first few years you are not going to be a brilliant photographer, and if you can keep pushing through this feeling by practicing and practicing some more, then eventually you may well become the brilliant photographer you aspire to be.

Overcoming self doubt

“The hardest part of growing in any creative field is pushing through those first months of self doubt.”

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3 responses to “Fighting Through the Beginner Phase of Creative Work”

  1. Andy Keeble says:

    Thank you for another excellent article.

    I think all photographers “lose their mojo” at various times in their careers. Whenever I get the dreaded feeling I reach for one of my favourite books, usually a Joe Cornish publication, and immerse myself in the images.

    Another way to try is to spend a week with just camera and a prime lens and leave everything else at home. I usually find that I enjoy the challenge and ideas come flowing back!

    Just remember that you are not alone.


  2. shovona says:

    its awesome.. n inspiring :)

  3. jithin says:

    Really Awesome post :) video inspiried me a lot thanks

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