Fed Up Single Photographer Creates Family Portraits…With a Twist

After constantly being asked why she wasn’t married yet, photographer and art director Suzanne Heintz took to photography to express her frustrations with being labeled a spinster in our modern times. Go along for a ride with Heintz as she parades around Paris taking photographs of herself with a family that’s not quite what you might expect:

The American based photographer decided to take her family of mannequins on a vacation overseas, where she gathered looks of confusion as curious passers-by watched her pose her husband and daughter in front of famous landmarks before setting up her Canon 5D Mark III on a Benro tripod and using the auto timer function to allow herself to get in on the family portraits.



“You can’t just go out and buy a family. Or can you? I did. They are mannequins. The candy coated shell with nothing inside. We do all those family things, all the while capturing those Kodak moments. “

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