Fashion Photography Tutorial, Step-by-Step

What does it take to pull off a top-notch fashion-forward photoshoot? Over the years, F-Stoppers co-founder Patrick Hall has developed certain strategies to get through fast-paced assignments with a multitude of moving parts. In the following video, you’ll get an inside look at his approach step by step. From necessary gear to tweaks in post-production, this tutorial takes the time to transform an intimidating production into something easy to digest.

As it turns out, Hall’s yielded great results with minimal gear. A great camera, two lenses, a couple of strobes and a backdrop or two can create a multitude of looks with a little creativity. If there’s one thing to take away from this video, it’s that the key to a successful shoot is adapting your materials to bring out the things that make your subject or environment unique.

But the work is far from over once the camera is turned off and the models head home. Check out Hall’s culling and editing techniques (which starts around the 18-minute mark) – you may just learn a thing or two to bring into your next batch of images!

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