Famous Flash Photographer With a Very Cheap Flash Camera

As much as we’d like it, we don’t always have the best camera gear available to us. Sometimes we don’t even have decent gear. But we photographers are resourceful and are known to create all sorts of rigs and makeshift devices to meet our needs. This resourcefulness is the idea behind DigitalRev TV’s series, Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera. The series has seen photographers such as Zach Arias and Chase Jarvis using very cheap cameras with limited functionality. In this episode, photographer David Hobby, AKA “The Strobist”, is challenged to photograph five different scenarios with only a knock-off Nikon flash and a Buzz Lightyear camera:

David Hobby’s website, www.strobist.com, is a well-known source for any photographer wanting to learn about off-camera flash. Hobby’s challenge of using the Buzz Lightyear camera with a cheap off-camera flash is perhaps one of the toughest yet on the series, but he shows a great amount of resourcefulness to overcome the myriad of obstacles he faces.

professional photographer with cheap gear

David “The Strobist” Hobby using a Buzz Lightyear camera

The show is very intriguing as one can’t help but wonder how great of a photograph a professional can capture with only the cheapest of equipment. The show’s host and narrator, Kai, is known for his unique personality, which also draws a lot of viewers. He acts as a comic relief throughout the series and, on occasion, he can be informative. Overall, the series is interesting and fun to watch and gives you a little insight on how the pros go about their photographing routine.

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