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A unique eBook, eyePhone: Making stronger photographs with your camera phone by Al Smith is designed to help readers fall in love with the raw simplicity of shooting with your mobile phone, embrace its limitations, and turn them into your own creative freedom and voice. I’m glad the author addressed some of the valuable apps; he could have gone into more detail about using them but at least provides a good introductory foundation.

iPhoneography is becoming very powerful because we carry these surprisingly effective little cameras with us everywhere we go. This is a whole new class of photography. It’s photography that fits in your pocket. A lot of professionals choose to shoot with a DSLR instead of a medium-format camera because it’s way more portable. I don’t even vacation with my DSLR because it’s too big. My camera phone is the most portable and accessible capture device I own, and this book is about this new category of mobile photography.

Topics Covered (45 Pages):

  • Introduction – a Revelation
  • It’s Photography, Plain and Simple
  • A Recipe for Frustration
  • Limitations are not Liabilities
  • Simplicity, the Catalyst for Creativity
  • Focus on Your Image
  • Become a Lifelong Student
  • Break Down Barriers
  • Shoot, Edit, Share on One Device
  • Shoot Section
  • The Very First Thing
  • It’s About Light
pages from eyephone

Pages from eyePhone

  • Please Stop Your Flashing Habits
  • Stability is King
  • Don’t Throw Away Your Headphones
  • All Batteries Are Not Created Equal
  • Don’t Miss the Moment
  • Slow it Down
  • Don’t Zoom
  • Keep it Simple
  • Shoot with the End in Mind
  • Edit Section
  • Another Shot across the Bow
  • Choosing Your Apps
  • The Foundation
  • The Creative Apps
  • Share Section
  • We are Visual Creatures
  • Social Responsibility
  • Shoot Everything but Share the Best
  • Quantity is Not Quality
  • Separate Your Photo Streams
  • Real-World Viewing
  • Conclusion
iphone photography ebook

eyePhone Training eBook

We need to focus on the soul of the picture, not the technology used to shoot it. The question should not be, “What device was used to make this photo?” it should be, “How did he communicate this story so effectively?” Like a rake, shovel, or axe, the mobile phone is simply a tool. Let’s face it, a tool is only as good as the hands it’s placed in and the hands are only as good as the brain’s ability to guide them.

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