Eye-Catching Portraits on a Boring Background Photo Tutorial

Stuck at home? Lost for ideas? Have a boring wall? Think again. You may have everything you need, boring wall notwithstanding. What you’re missing is a fresh perspective. Highlight Your Wrinkles demonstrates:

Apart from some artificial lights, you’ll need a few pieces of foam core, which you can find at a hardware or craft store.

diy foam core light modifier

Cut some shapes out of the foam core.

shoot through light modifiers

Place the foam core against your external light source to cast a checkered shadow on your model. See how creative you can get with a pencil knife; the shapes will ultimately determine how the images turn out.

foam board cutout light modifier

Experiment with the placement of the shapes. Moving them closer or farther away from light changes the shape and intensity of the shadow.

Try different props and experiment with the camera angle.

light modifiers with foam core

Your plain, boring background is no longer plain and boring!

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