Extreme Perspectives: Mountain Photography eBook Review

extreme perspectives ebook

Extreme Perspectives eBook

Extreme Perspectives – An Introduction to Mountain Photography by Alexandre Buisse was just released today and offers an exhilarating introduction into adventure photography. The author focuses on mountain images—specifically climbing and mountaineering. However, almost all of the content presented in this eBook would apply equally well to any outdoor activity: kayaking, hiking, fell running, mountain biking, paragliding, and many others.

Adventure photography is undoubtedly one of the most challenging domains of image making. It is also one of the most exciting, if only because of the remote locations you visit and the athletes you get to work with—be they the sponsored climbers you see on the glossy covers of magazines or the hiker dads met on the trail.

The main challenge of adventure photography is one of access: not only do you need to travel to the base, but you also have to get to a place that offers the best point of view to capture the action and tell the story.

Sections of this eBook:

  • Introduction
  • Gear and Technique
  • The Vision
  • Image Studies

Your first task will be to identify what your story really is. Whether you do it consciously or not, it is a crucial step which should never be overlooked, as it will direct every other creative decision (composition, light, colours, post-processing, etc). Since you are photographing extreme athletes in epic environments, your story could be just that: how extreme this activity is. Show a climber on a thousand-meter alpine face, hanging by a tool placement far above his last piece of protection, and you are guaranteed to grab the attention of the viewer. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

ebook on mountain photography

Extreme Perspectives – An Introduction to Mountain Photography

Buisse says, “For all the obstacles involved in adventure photography, however, the reward is also higher. You will have the opportunity to create truly unique and inspiring images. You will make your viewers travel with you and get a small taste of what it is like to live an adventure.”

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  1. Team.lasem says:

    wow…super extreme…i like adventure, be very useful once this knowledge to capture a good picture

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