Exploring Cappadocia with Timelapse & Hyperlapse Photography

The Turkish region of Cappadocia, a UNESCO world heritage site dating back to the 6th century B.C.E., has a certain magic ingrained within its arid landscape. With references scattered throughout the the Bible and a rich history dating back centuries, the former kingdom appears as though  plucked straight from a fantasy land.

When filmmaker Rob Whitworth was commissioned by Turkish Airlines to capture the area on video, he managed to highlight the unique architecture, people, and surrounding topography in a piece nothing short of mesmerizing:

Though the subject matter in itself is fascinating, Whitworth cultivated a surreal storybook land for users by using his own signature technique known as flow motion. Seamlessly working between expansive timelapses and slow, detailed vignettes, the film itself defies time as it weaves in an out of scenes. As shadows speed across the rocks and clay of Cappadocia, everyday moments of potters and vendors almost seem to be frozen. The technique utilized to create this effect is known as hyperlapse—while working on a timelapse, the camera is moved between exposures to create the illusion of a tracking shot.

Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys

Tourists in Turkish ruins

Turkish Cappadocia Landscape

To further immerse viewers in the mystical setting, a beautiful narrative combining the area’s history and mythology is played as the eyes are led through the wonders of the land. To be sure, this land is a dream destination for photographers around the world seeking adventure and antiquity.

“And in the Earth’s womb, a civilization was born, cradled in clay…”

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