Evolution Lightroom Presets Collection

Photographers who work with Lightroom know that its possibilities are practically endless, but we don’t all have extra hours in our day to edit our photos. Presets help you post-process quickly and efficiently while still giving you control over your final image. The Evolution Collection includes 48 new color presets and 6 new B&W presets to speed up your workflow and make your photos shine.

lightroom presets bundle

Evolution Lightroom Presets for One Click Photo Editing


Every person is unique, so shouldn’t every portrait be unique too? With tons of presets for portraits, you are sure to bring out the absolute best in your subject.

Black and White

If you truly want someone to focus on your subject, B+W is the answer. Removing color helps tell a deeper story. The Evolution B+W presets work to make your image grab your viewer’s attention.

presets collection

Presets Designed for Most Situations


When you travel it isn’t easy to capture the real ambiance in a photo. The Evolution presets were made to set the tone and pull out all the details of your travel and landscape images.

Tricky Light

We’ve all been there: you are suddenly stuck with less-than-ideal light. The Evolution Preset Collection has presets designed to help fix backlighting, odd colors, and wonky lighting conditions.

presets bundle

Before and After Examples (Click to See More)

Presets Compatibility

  • Evolution Presets are compatible with both Mac and Windows.
  • They work within Adobe Lightroom version 4 or above.
  • The presets were developed with RAW images in mind as RAW images keep so much more information to work with. You can still use them in JPG but you may need to make small adjustments depending on the photo you are editing.

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