Everyone Wants to Be a Wedding Photographer

When you’re a wedding photographer, it’s bad enough when you see someone on their phone during a wedding ceremony. But what about when they start taking pictures with it? And who’s going to call out the old uncle snapping photos with a DSLR? The better and easier technology becomes,the more irresponsible people end up with it in their hands. SLF Weddings produced this short video to poke fun at guests who come to weddings and take pictures during the ceremony:

The hilarious parody mentions the usual suspects at big events that always have their phone, camera, or iPad at the ready. However, the message at the end encapsulates everything that’s important about people detaching themselves from technology at key points in their lives.

Knowing when it is and isn’t appropriate to use devices has become a growing problem in society that knows no barriers. SLF Weddings made this video because the photographers shown have likely had to deal with these issues at weddings they are paid to photograph. Beyond that, it’s most important that the wedding couple is at the center of attention and doesn’t have to worry about a disruptive audience.

So remember audience members and aspiring photographers, know when it’s your turn to take the pictures and when it’s the professional’s. Enjoy the wedding!

ceremony audience camera

“You are a guest at a remarkable celebration. Please, choose to experience today by being present in the moment.”

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One response to “Everyone Wants to Be a Wedding Photographer”

  1. When I shoot weddings, I always ask the couple to tell their close friends and family in advance to avoid taking pictures during the ceremony (those are the ones who would take the most photos). It works most of the times, doesn’t take the problem away for good, but I can do my job.

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