Event Photography: 9 Tips

Event photography involves a lot of interaction with guests and participants. While making sure to get good images of the people at the event, it is equally essential that you capture the ambiance. Professional photographer Jessica Sterling shares nine quick tips to help you shoot professional event photos:

1. Smile Like You Mean It

When approaching a group of people to photograph, having a genuine smile on your face makes it less awkward. By smiling, you get to participate with them in the picture taking process. Use your smile as a tool to start a connection with the people you’re photographing.

2. Keep Eye Contact

Once you establish a connection, you must maintain the connection. Don’t let the camera be a barrier between you and the subjects. Keep talking to them and try to have both eyes open to maintain eye contact.

3. Get Ready, Get Set

While your subjects are getting ready to have their pictures taken, use that time to your shots ready. Compose your shot, set the focus, and make sure the lighting is good. This way, when the subjects are ready, you can simply shoot away and get your job done.

4. Boredom is Your Enemy

It’s essential that you act swiftly when taking event photos. Work quickly so that the people don’t get tired or feel bored posing for you. Don’t kill their mood.

“If you have a connection with them, and you’re smiling at them and looking at them, and you’re fast, then you’re more likely to get a shot where they’re engaged.”

5. Phones Make You Look Good

Most events have a lighting setup that’s less than ideal for phone cameras. So while the people are struggling with their phone cameras, you can quickly great images taken since you’re already set up with your camera and lighting.

6. Take Multiple Shots

“If I’m photographing, let’s say, two people, I take two pictures. If I’m photographing three people, I take three pictures. Five people, maybe about three pictures is probably fine.”

group image at an event

This is important to avoid images where somebody might have their eyes closed or be looking away. Taking multiple images of your subjects is always a good idea.

7. Frame Out Unnecessary Junk

Why have something in a frame that doesn’t make sense? When composing your shots, be sure to get rid of all the distractions. Your subjects should be your priority. Get close to your subjects or zoom in.

unnecessary fire extinguisher in the frame

8. It’s All About the Face

“The most important part of the picture is their face. Make it all about the face.”

When framing your shots, make sure that most of your composition is the face.

9. Use the Collar

If you’re having trouble focusing, focus where the person’s collar contrasts with their skin. It’s roughly on the same focal plane as the eyes and will make your life much easier.

focus on the collar in difficult lighting conditions

Be sure to give some of these tips a try at your next event.

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