First Ever Moto BASE Jump from Flat Ground Captured on a GoPro

We’ve seen our share of amazing BASE jumps. But motocross rider Brad O’Neal takes the concept of BASE jumping to a completely different level—or rather, a flat level. While most moto BASE jumpers attempt riding off a cliff, he attempted to take off from flat ground, riding first up a giant ramp that would propel him into the air. This had been an attempt several years in the making:

O’Neal dreamed about making this jump when he was about 12 or 13 years old:

“I just thought, it would be super fun to jump a dirt bike high enough to BASE jump from.”

Major action sports companies turned down his proposal, thinking it was a bit too extreme.

“I went to all the major action sports companies, but it’s really hard to get them to believe in it. I realized that I’m just gonna have to do it myself. So I learned everything I could to make it happen.”

base jumping planning

O’Neal made careful preparations while planning the jump.

Careful preparations and several hair raising trial runs later, O’Neal was finally ready to realize his childhood dream.

photographing a base jump

O’Neal makes a practice jump in Utah.

“When I did the practice jump in Utah and right after I opened the parachute…it was one of the best moments of my life for sure.”

base-jumping photography

O’Neal and his dirt bike made a free-fall moments before he deployed the chute.

The jump was an exhilarating success, vindicating O’Neal and his self-belief. Shot entirely on a GoPro Hero, the footage showcases some stunning imagery and plenty of courage from a truly daring first in the BASE jump world.

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