Environmental Portrait Tips & Guide

Environmental portrait photography is about photographing a person in their professional surroundings while they do what they do. This type of photography is in high demand because it’s a great way to communicate what a business is about. In this video, commercial photographer Karl Taylor talks about what you need to consider and how you can take professional-level environmental portraits:

What makes environmental portraits challenging and interesting is the fact that you need to be in a new place with your gear and setup. In most cases, you may have no idea what the place looks like, or what the people who work there are like. There may even be circumstances where you need to research and understand what is it that your clients actually do. Otherwise, you will not be able to take a meaningful photo.

“There’s no point going to take an environmental portrait if you’re not sure what it is that the company does.”

Besides these, you’ll also come across challenges like space constraints, lighting constraints, and outfits that don’t match the mood. You’ll also need to ensure that you don’t take much of the staffs’ time while doing your work. You can’t keep them waiting around too long or else you might have them breathing down your neck. Taylors beautifully explains all about how you can tackle these challenges, including a few others.

Mastering environmental portraits can be a good way to generate good income as a photographer. You’ll be working with companies as your clients who are willing to pay more for the best. After all, those images will be used to promote the company and its business. What do you think about environmental portraits?

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