Enlisting Strangers on the Street to Photograph as Fashion Models

Organizing a fashion editorial from top to bottom usually entails quite a bit of planning ahead of time. Coordinating a team, venue and date sounds simple, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are also permits for shooting on location, lighting conditions, weather conditions to consider. Would a week of preparation be enough? Maybe. Would two weeks be more convenient? Possibly? Is it possible to do it in 5 days? Some people would say probably not, but the Superstudio team defied the odds in their efforts to streetcast everyday people in Argentina without all the bells and whistles fashion editorials usually come packaged with:

No uber complicated lighting setups, no booked models and certainly no food bar waiting backstage. Using people they came across on the streets, Superstudio put together a catalogue of photos for their client, nn07.

man smiling
bearded man posing by sign
bearded man laying on street
girl posing in cafe
woman wearing casual clothes
man posing by graffiti wall

The urban details mesh well with the style of clothing presented in the catalogue, and even though the models are not your typical cookie-cutter models you see in modeling agencies, the photographers were able to do them justice with good photography technique and creativity.

friends smiling
woman wearing yellow top
girl posing by cafe entrance
couple doing tango
man wearing polka dot polo
girl wearing blue top

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One response to “Enlisting Strangers on the Street to Photograph as Fashion Models”

  1. klem39 says:

    One Project I’m working on involves Hats. People are quite happy to model their choice in head wear for 15 – 30 secs. You first have to select a street area with the right back ground and lighting, so take a few test shots first, if possible. Then a quick chat up and bit of maneuvering, shooting all the time and it’s in the bag. Remember to show them the best shots and give them your card for them to email you for some samples.

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