Editing with Colors to Create a Mood in Lightroom

Editing has always been a vital part of photography. However, the general masses have only now become more aware of it with the onset of digital photography. Editing allows you to further fine tune an image and add your creative touch to it. You can even take editing a step further, and use it as a medium of creative expression; editing can be abstract as well. In this video, photographer Nigel Danson talks about editing images using colors. The process is not at all complicated, but the mood it creates can be absolutely brilliant:

Split toning is a technique that lets you apply different color tones in the highlights and shadows. The combination of colors that you want to use can either be with color theory in mind, or pure personal choice. When using color theory, you’re looking to the science and art of color to choose color edits that complement each other while enhancing the overall look of the image. Otherwise, you can come up with a combination based on how it makes the image look and your personal taste.

You can also manipulate colors using the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance (HSL) panel. They let you manipulate the colors, control the intensity, and also tweak how bright or dark the colors appear in the image.

What do you think of these editing techniques?

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