Editing Landscapes with AI Tools in Luminar

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the buzzword in many fields of work recently. Everything from smartphones to televisions, to some serious research, has been making use of AI for efficiency purposes. While most photography has not been influenced by AI (yet), the same however can’t be said regarding photo editing. For instance, Luminar – a photo editing software, has some crazy AI features to help you edit your photos and make your work so much easier. Photographer Dan Watson talks about a superb feature that just came out with Luminar 4.2. Landscape photographers will simply love this feature:

Luminar includes some features that are that other editors lack, or otherwise need you to spend some time working on. For instance, with Luminar you could replace the sky in your image with the click of a button. It’s the same if you want to add sun flares and sunbursts. It really makes your work so much easier.

With the latest Luminar 4.2 update, it brings in a new option called ‘Augmented Sky’ that adds some amazing elements to your images. Like Watson demonstrates in the video, you could add in an Aurora, a moon, a mountain, lightning, and even birds. All of that with a single click. You can of course refine it to your taste. And the cool thing is that you can also load your own image for Luminar to mask-in into the image. Pretty cool huh?

“It’s a really awesome way of spicing up your images.”

What do you think of having these options at the ready? If you are a landscape or a fine art photographer, it’s surely worth checking out this feature.

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