Tips for Easy Macro Photography

Macro photography is a specialized genre of photography wherein you take life-size or more magnified images of your subjects. It usually requires a specialized lens, a bit of technical know-how, and quite a lot of patience. For beginners, in the absence of proper guidance, the experience of learning macro photography can be daunting. So, if you’re looking forward to getting started with macro photography, we have the video just for you. Photographer and trainer Andrew Boey shares some quick tips to make learning macro photography easier:

The beauty of macro photography is that you have your potential subject everywhere. And when you look at anything up close, you’ll be even more surprised to see how interesting it appears.

“If you look at things close up they are really going to be interesting and unique because in real life you never look at things that close up that much.”

To help you get started with macro photography, Boey talks about the equipment that you’ll need. When shooting very close to a subject, you’ll realize that things will get pretty shaky. Even a minor camera shake gets amplified drastically. This is why a tripod is preferred. For greater depth of field, you’ll need to work with narrow aperture values which means less light. So, have a light source handy.

While macro photography requires that you use specially designed macro lenses, Boey shows you how you can achieve similar results on a budget using close-up filters. You can screw the filters on your regular lens like any other filter. They help you by effectively reducing the focusing distance and letting you get closer to your subject. These are cost-effective solutions if you’re on a budget. Boey also shows how you can set up your lights and background to make your macro photos look more aesthetically pleasing.

If you’ve been wanting to try macro photography, be sure to watch the complete video. It’ll definitely help you to get a head start.

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