Drone Captures Stunning New Year’s Fireworks from Above

I love aerial shots. I’ve said it before—and it never ceases to astound me when I see a well made aerial video taken from a drone. That’s why I was incredibly excited when I saw the following video uploaded by Jeff Cremer:

The location is Lima, Peru, and as you might imagine the timing is right at midnight, when we said goodbye to 2015 and welcomed 2016.

The video was taken with a mid-range drone that’s actually not as expensive as you might think—a DJI Phantom 3, with a small camera similar to a GoPro fitted on it. The drone flew at about 200 meters above the ground and managed to be above most of the fireworks. I was pleasantly surprised that the camera was able to get such lovely images even though the lighting conditions were far from perfect. And even though there seems to have been quite a lot of haze and smoke, you can still clearly see details in the video.

drone shot new year fireworks

The stunning shots captured by a drone right at New Year’s celebration

Although the video is fun—and definitely a good way to see the celebrations—if you’re looking to film something similar, please take all the necessary precautions: don’t fly too low (keep at least a few tens of meters between you and the highest points around), be aware of where the drone is at all times, and make sure it’s safe for everyone.

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