Dramatic Bridal Photography Shot Technique

Trying to sell more bridal photographs? In the video below, the photographer covers a lighting setup that he says his clients buy 100 percent of the time. The setup is uncomplicated and and only calls on the use of a single speedlight. As an added bonus, using minimal gear makes set up a breeze even without the help of an assistant. Have a look at the video to learn the bridal shot technique:

To get the look, simply set your speedlight about 12–15 feet behind the bride—about waist level of the bride for the best results. Now set the light to 1/2 power and take a few test shots to get the exposure just right. Keep your aperture at f/5.6, adjusting your shutter speed to to get things perfect.

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In the photo above, you can see how the speedlight created a flattering glow or rim light around the bride, making her stand out.

“This is a shot that will get you jobs over and over again. It only requires one speedlight and a little bit of practice and you will create a picture that you will sell to your bride and groom 100 percent of the time.”

Further training from these producers can be found here: Lighting Asylum

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6 responses to “Dramatic Bridal Photography Shot Technique”

  1. Susan Woog Wagner says:

    Iso 5.6????

  2. lloyd says:

    Yeh, Iso 5.6???? WTF!

  3. Lorri A says:

    Yes, I was wondering about that too . . . .

  4. Yonas Hindrarto says:

    Thought it is weird, but im a newbie so maybe there’s something i didnt know

  5. Adi J says:

    So, how low the shutter speed dude? :)

  6. Susan says:

    f 5.6 ISO 400-800 take test shot to get correct shutter speed he ended up at 1/15 th

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