Dragan Style Lightroom Presets

The popular “Dragan Effect” has become synonymous with eye-catching high impact portraits. With this new set of Lightroom presets you can easily transform ordinary photos into powerful photos with a strong impact with a single click. The set includes 17 different one-click presets plus 40 stackable workflow presets inspired by the popular Dragan effect.

dragan effect

Dragan Inspired Effects

These presets create a sharp and textured look with a high dynamic range. The presets are ideal for portraits when you want a rough and intense look, but they can also be used on other types of photos as well. They will certainly make your photos stand out! Many of the presets create a desaturated look that works in tandem with the sharpness and contrast to create a dramatic effect.

In addition to the one-click presets, you’ll also get more than 40 stackable workflow presets that give you full control. With these presets you’ll be able to quickly create your own custom Dragan-inspired effect with just a few clicks. The workflow presets also are a great option for small tweaks and customizations to the one-click presets.

dragan presets

High Impact Portraits Using the Presets

These presets were designed to be compatible with Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5 and above, they work with both RAW and JPEG files.

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