Dog Photography Tips from a Documentary Photographer

The relationship we have with our dogs is no less than that we have with our family members. In fact, sometimes, the amount of love and time we spend with our dogs can exceed what we spend with our own family members. Aren’t they such pure souls? This is the core reason why we simply love taking photographs of our dogs. And when it comes to dog photography, one of the classic names from the 20th century is Elliott Erwitt. In this video, photographer Martin Kaninsky talks about how you can take photographs of dogs the way Elliott Erwitt did:

If you look at Erwitt’s methods, you will realize a couple of interesting things. In his photos, the dogs are the primary subjects—they do not complement the human beside them. In fact, humans are secondary elements in Erwitt’s photos.

In order to get some kind of reaction from the dog, it is vital that you grab their attention. You can whistle or call their names—or as Erwitt has said, “I bark at dogs and get reactions sometimes.” Whatever gets the job done.

Another humorous way Erwitt photographs dogs is by looking for moments when they are behaving like humans. If you think about it, such images can be really funny.

Make sure to watch the entire video to better understand the brilliant images taken by Erwitt over the last several decades. He’s a veteran of the industry, and this video helps get inside his mind so you can see the world through his eyes.

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