DIY Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Running out of time for Christmas shopping? COOPH‘s latest video is a collection of easy, inexpensive photo gifts that practically anyone would love to receive:

1. Personalized Smartphone Case

Print out a favorite photo that will fit into a clear smartphone case, and you’ve got yourself an incredibly easy, personalized gift.

DIY gifts for photographers

2. Vintage Camera Bookends

Make a couple of bookends by connecting two squares of wood with corner brackets and screws. Attach vintage cameras to the boards using Sugru.

homemade photo gifts

vintage bookends

3. Photo Clock

Make a photo clock out of a favorite photo by finding an inexpensive clock mechanism. Mount a photo cut-out to a piece of cardboard using spray adhesive, and attach the clock hands according to the product’s instructions.

DIY gifts for the photographer

4. Seasonal Bokeh

Cut out festive shapes in black cardstock that will fit over a camera lens. This creates fun shaped bokeh for experimenting and expanding creativity. Create a kit for a photographer friend to use, or take your own photos to give to friends and family as gifts.

seasonal bokeh

5. Floating Hooks

Use corner brackets and Sugru to display vintage cameras without putting any holes in the wall!

DIY floating hooks

6. Tree Decorations

Print out small photos and use binder clips to attach them to the Christmas tree.

DIY tree decorations

7. Magnetic Polaroid Frame

Use a rotary cutter or Xacto knife to cut a Polaroid-shaped frame out of a white magnetic sheet, then use it to frame a favorite photo on the fridge!

polaroid frame for your home

8. Snow Globe

Print a photo on transparency film, cut it out, and stick it upside-down in a jar. Fill the jar with water, add glitter, and secure the lid. Now you’ve got a fun snowglobe that can be enjoyed all year!

DIY snow globe

DIY gifting ideas

Will you be making any of these gifts this year? What other clever gift ideas do you have to share?

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