10 Tips To Improving Your Digital Photography

practical-camera-tipsDigital photography is the new way to take photos and offers many conveniences that the old 110 camera just cannot provide. Here are a few tips to help make sure your digital photography is the best it can be.

Try to place the focal point of your subject in the center of the picture. This is the best way to snap the perfect digital photography image and, while it can be difficult, a little positioning will get the subject in center focus.

Avoid any photo with random subjects, such as a waterfall with other tourists standing around taking pictures or that perfect picture of your new pup with someone petting him.

Select the highest resolution for your digital photography. On most digital cameras, there is a resolution selector that allows the photographer to determine a low, medium or high resolution for their digital photography.

Get as close to the subject as possible or use the zoom feature. If it isn’t possible to get very close to the subject, either because of location or safety, most digital cameras offer a zoom feature that allows the photographer to get a close-up view without being close at all.

If you are photographing individuals, always use the red eye reduction feature. It’s a well known fact that some people’s eyes turn red in photographs and others do not, but do yourself and those in your photo a favor and use the red eye reduction just incase.

If possible, take digital photography from a unique angle. Rather than straight ahead, consider a low position as you are looking up toward the subject or a high position as you look down on the image.

Have fresh batteries and a spare pack with you at all times. Digital cameras operate on batteries and, when traveling, you will always want to have some spare batteries incase yours run out.

Use a tripod for a steady image. If you are naturally shaky and want to make sure that you get the perfect digital photography, set up the tripod and point the camera directly at the subject before snapping a pic.

Use the review feature that most cameras have so that you can make sure the image was perfect. This is the best feature of a digital camera. Why? Because a view screen gives you the opportunity to review photos that are stored in your memory card. If you missed the perfect photo or simply snapped it at the wrong time, there is no wasted film. Simply erase the photo and take another one.

Adjust the flash for the proper surroundings. If your digital photography project requires a night photo or one taken indoors, a flash will be needed. On a sunny day or even if just a few clouds are looming, you may be able to accomplish the perfect digital photography without the flash feature being used.

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One response to “10 Tips To Improving Your Digital Photography”

  1. Guy says:

    IMO I think this is a very shallow article that does not contribute very much.
    Instead of just focusing straight in the middle tell the reader about aperture, dof or different focus modes.

    Instead of just saying to take pictures in high resolution tell them about shooting raw or other formats offered.

    Instead of using digital zoom , which many respectable photographers avoid, tell readers about focal lengths and cropping.

    Instead of just telling people to have a unique angle teach them about leading lines, rule of thirds etc.

    Instead of just saying use a tripod, teach them about shutter speed and how that affects and fixes problems with shake.

    Instead of saying use flash. Tell them about the exposure triangle and how changing each will affect a photo in certain ways.

    I just feel the “tips” you’ve provided are nothing more then a blanket fix without actually learning about photography.

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