Dazzling San Francisco Timelapse Photography Journey

Timelapse photography is impressive to watch; it makes the viewer feel as if they are traveling through time. But like anything so impressive, of course, it takes time and patience to create. San Francisco photographer Matt Maniego says that he spent about a year making this stunning timelapse video of his city:

Inspired by the views from his home atop a hill, Maniego spent hours upon hours shooting dramatic footage of San Francisco. The city is a natural candidate for timelapse photography, with its sweeping vistas and clouds of fog rolling in and out. Maniego also takes advantage of all the different environments it has to offer: the ocean, quaint city streets, highways and skyscrapers.

timelapse Golden Gate

This shot of the Golden Gate has the dual timelapse effect of clouds rolling by and traffic racing across the bridge.

Though San Francisco may be an especially perfect subject for a timelapse video, there are many other subjects you can shoot for that “time-travel” effect. Just about everything changes over time– use your imagination! Here are a few ideas for what might make a good timelapse video:

  • Ice (or ice cream!) melting
  • The trees or plants in your backyard
  • Skyscapes– sunrises, sunsets, stars, clouds, etc.
  • Paintings, sculptures, and other works of art
  • The construction of a building (or a sandcastle!)

Large or small, timelapse projects can be fun and rewarding. Grab your tripod and try it!

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