Travel Photographer Interview: David Hobcote

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing David Hobcote, a professional photographer based in the U.K. who travels all over the globe capturing exquisite landscapes, wildlife scenes, portraits, and more.

travel photographer interview

“I watched the bee the bee watched me” Canon 1DS Mark III on the ground with 16mm -28mm lens set at 16mm f 20 1/200 sec 10 second shutter release. Low powered slave flash to light the reeds. (Click to Read More)

Last year, David had sales in over 20 countries across many major publications. He is one of the most searched members on the photographer social network.

How would you describe your photographic style?

Never really tried to develop a style or even thought about it. The first time someone said that they recognized my style I was quite surprised.

My philosophy is always try to get the best shot possible out in the field and then push it as far as I can in my post-processing work flow to squeeze every last drop of drama from each shot.

How did you first get into photography?

Graduated with Honors Degree in Art & Design. Started life as a Layout Artist working for an Ad Agency/ Printing Studio. Ended up as an Art Director with a team of photographers shooting all over the world and running one of the England’s largest photographic studios. Then I started my own studio.

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

The things I see each and every day. I am lucky to have the opportunity to be a travel photographer finding inspiration in seeing light uniquely falling on landscapes, people, buildings and wildlife that I come across in my journey. I also look for opportunities in everyday situations at home and end up capturing great shots when I least expect it. Also I get inspiration from viewing the work of other photographers on sites such as PictureSocial.

Did you have any formal training in photography?

None whatsoever in photography (just art and design), even when I was running a large studio I only knew what I liked…just sort of picked things up as I went along.

david hobcote photography

“Looking down on the tallest building in the world” Shot from a Bell jet ranger Heli at 2500 feet. This set of pictures was my biggest seller of the year with sales to newspapers, magazines, and books in 23 countries and over a million viewings on websites around the world including PictureCorrect.

What is typically in your camera bag?

Digital SLR Bodies



  • Lees holding system
  • Lees glass polarizer
  • Lees .3 soft grad ND Filter
  • Lees .6 soft grad ND Filter
  • Lees .9 soft grad ND Filter

And a Canon Shutter release.

What are you looking forward to purchasing next?

Recently I have become a lot more involved in wildlife photography and my next purchace will be the Canon 500mm 2.8 – a weighty lens but wow what clarity!

photographer interview

“Umbrian Hillside” captured by David Hobcote (Click Image to See More From David Hobcote)

Do you post-process your photos?

Almost always. I shoot in Raw with the camera set flat, tend to always shoot between 1/3 and one stop under reading to make sure I hold detail then add what I need through Photoshop. Maybe this is where my style developed by years of retouching and pushing images to the limit to get the most out of mail order products…

What tips or advice do you have for other aspiring photographers?

Not sure I am in a position to give advice, but all I can say is keep shooting. Look at things in different ways, angles, and perspectives. Ask yourself, “How can I get the most out of what I am photographing, what is it saying to me!? How can I make it different ….my own!? And after a shot is captured – how can I improve it and push it to show greater drama in with post-processing.”

travel photo

“watching…” captured by David Hobcote (Click Image to See More From David Hobcote)

What has been your favorite photo location?

As I said, I have been very lucky and travel so much over the years …….my favorite places include:

  • Yellowstone USA
  • Kathmandu Napal
  • Torre del Pines Chile
  • South Island New Zealand
  • Havana Cuba
  • San Raffel Patagonia
  • Yorkshire Dales England
  • Machu Pichu Peru
  • Sand dunes Namibia
  • Salt flats Bolivia
  • Wildlife Malawi
travel photography tips

“fly me past the moon” Well I missed the sunset but got this with the 200mm. You can see the red glow from the just missed sunset in the jet wake.

What lies ahead for you?

I was supposed to retire early, but I am still actively involved in creative projects – a few commercial fashion shoots and lots of traveling to capture landscapes. I try to shoot everyday and get the most out of what I see around me. Since my photoshoot in Malawi, which was to photograph Hippos and Elephants, I was moved by the great poverty I found there and have spent the last year raising funds through selling limited edition prints to fund the building of a school and fund a feeding station in a village located there. This is the work I intend to continue as long as I can.

To see more of David’s work, visit his profile or photo gallery.

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2 responses to “Travel Photographer Interview: David Hobcote”

  1. Tiberman Sajiwan Ramyead says:

    A candid interview! It inspires us beginners.
    Tiberman – Mauritius

  2. Last year I began shooting 1/3 (mostly) under the camera reading. It has worked well for me too.

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