Daring Photographer Shares How He Captures the Right Moments

A photographer can easily set up and compose a picture before it is even shot; however, it is a different talent to capture a photograph in a split second, with no planning beforehand. Carsten Peter, a regular photographer for National Geographic and a World Press Photo Award winner, speaks of his experiences in capturing the right moment in extreme situations:

Peter is known for exploring extreme situations such as active volcanoes, lava lakes, acid waterfalls, and deep ice shafts. He braves some of the world’s most dangerous natural climates in order to capture never seen before images.


When asked about how he captures the perfect moment, he talks about how sometimes the people around him scream that it is time to move. However, he is stuck in place because there is a certain appreciation for the world we live in that comes from being in its most thrilling corners.


There are certain risks that come with the job. Peter has learned to accept the injuries which can vary from broken bones to diseases. He also has accepted that the traveling portion of his job means missing important people and events in his life.

“I wonder, do I live my dream life?”

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