Custom Photo Tinting in Photoshop


Without Tinting


With Tinting

This tutorial is to help you learn how to create any kind of tone for your photo that you want.  With this technique you can make all sorts of unique tones that many graphic artists use to create fascinating scenes.  This tutorial will involve desaturation and color balance.  Ok, once you have your picture open in photoshop:

1. Convert your photo to black and white by Desaturating it.  (Image>Adjustments>Desaturate)


2. Create a New Color Balance Adjustment Layer (Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Color Balance)

3. For the Blue tone as shown above I adjusted the colors to the following:
Red: +14
Green: +14
Blue: +60


4. Another Possibility could be a unique greenish tint as shown on the left.  For the greenish tint I adjusted the colors to the following:
Cyan: -39
Green: +23
Yellow: -25


For different photos, the process and amount of adjustment won’t be exactly the same.  But with this technique the possible tints are endless.  See if you can come up with a unique tint to market with all your photos.


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  1. Louisse says:

    Thank you for this! This was very easy to understand.

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