Creative Thinking in Photography

Photography is not just about pointing your camera to what you see in front of you and taking pictures. It is a process. And to get the best results, creative thinking plays a very important role in that process. Sadly, many photographers tend to struggle when it comes to thinking creatively. If this is applicable in your case as well, today we have photographer Ted Forbes who shares his idea to help you develop your creativity in photography:

In photography, creativity is all about seeing things in a new way. This could mean a new way of interpreting your subjects in terms of composition, color combination and lighting. The core reason why many of us fail to think creatively is that we tend to do the same thing again and again expecting different outcomes.

We also see many individuals give up trying to be creative saying that it’s just not in their genes. This is where they are wrong. Creativity is not something that’s inherent. Like many other skills, it can be developed. Yes, some individuals may be quicker than others to grasp concepts, but everyone can be creative. You just need to practice more.

Toward the end of the video, Forbes discusses an interesting concept of vertical versus lateral thinking. We tend to mostly follow vertical thinking for the sake of being efficient. And as he suggests, if creativity is what you are looking for, it’s more of lateral thinking that you should be doing.

Be sure to go through the entire video to understand Forbes’s views on creativity in photography. If you’ve hit a creative block, his ideas will surely be of help to you.

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  1. Gotta recommend “Why Man Creates,” an Oscar-winning short film from 1969. It’s a little dated, but the principles are sound. Definitely worth watching.

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