Creative Studio Photography Using a Projector

Inspiration can sometimes have unexpected sources. While sometimes it can be really difficult to come by creative ideas, other times it can come around from something like….a projector. Well that’s exactly what photographer Henbu took inspiration from this time around. Let’s join him in this video as he shares some cool results he was able to get using a projector for his photoshoot:

The idea is quite simple. Use a projector to project some colors and patterns from your computer on to your subject. You’ll thus need to plan for what all images you’ll be using in your photoshoot beforehand. Sort out a varied array of designs, patterns, and colors that go well with the theme of your shoot.

Another important factor that you’ll need to keep in mind is the projector’s brightness. Make sure that the lighting you use doesn’t overpower the projector. Otherwise, the projections won’t be so prominent in the images.

You can even set the mood to the image by using creative background lighting. This is quite important as you’ll be quite restricted as to how much flash you can use to illuminate your subject.

“What’s really cool about a projector is that you can basically shape your light however you want, any color you want. The creativity is almost limitless. This is why I think it’s such a fun process to do.”

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