Creative Photography: Technique Without Purpose

Technique without purpose is like a race without a finish line. Sure you can run as fast as you can and continuously improve—to what end?

Creativity and artistic expression are hard to define. What is artistic and creative for one person is just a pile of trash to the next. This is the main reason that a lot of people look upon creativity as some sort of gift that is bestowed upon the lucky few. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Creativity can be taught. I have done so for many people from all sorts of professions. Creative techniques can easily be taught but knowing the techniques by themselves will not bring out the creative talent that lies within most of us.

unique photography perspective

photo by Frank Meffert

Each and every one of us has a different view of the world. This view has been influenced and is made up from the sum of our previous experiences in life. Every single one of us has learned from these experiences in slightly different ways, therefore your creative genius and talent comes from being able to express your unique way of seeing the same things as others. It’s like you’re looking at life through your own unique set of glasses—a set that no one else can actually reproduce.

So next time you pick up the camera ask yourself, “What unique vision do I bring to the scene?” Creativity is not about finding new things constantly but rather seeing the same things from a different view—your view!

low angle of view

photo by Jack Wallsten

For myself, I’ve just embarked on a new series titled “Through The Rabbit Hole – Melbourne.” Yep, I’ve lived in this city for over four decades and have decided that I need to take a re-look at the world’s most livable city, through new eyes or more accurately, eyes which have four decades worth of history with this city.

I’m not even worrying about the technical side of things. I’m experimenting, toying with settings, different times of the day, and just trying to capture the emotional pull of this city of mine. I’ve given myself permission to just fly with it and have fun.

looking for unique views in photography

photo by Carlos ZGZ

This is creativity at its most fundamental. The joy of spontaneity and letting the images come to me rather than being in control of the entire situation, including the lighting, models, approach, and all the rest.

So if you’re truly stuck in a rut or looking to get your creative genie out of the bottle, start having fun with your photography. There is no right or wrong. There’s only your view and how you present it to the world.

The series mentioned in this article is still a work in progress. You can keep up with each image as it gets uploaded via my social links or my website below!

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