Creative Macro Photography of Everyday Things

Being imaginative is part of the job of being a creative photographer. But many photographers don’t walk the extra mile to get unique images. That, however, doesn’t apply to Dennis Bohman.

I use a macro lens to photograph ordinary things in imaginative ways

Bohman is a Swedish photographer based out of Gothenburg. He has this uncanny urge to photograph everyday stuff around his house but with a macro lens. His primary lens of choice is the MP-E65 f/2.8, a manual focus macro lens for Canon EOS system cameras.

He produces some really amazing photos. The photos absolutely don’t give away anything about what they could be. It’s pretty hard to imagine that could be everyday stuff. Can you identify the objects photographed? Here’s a clue: Bohman says they’re images of glass, water, oil, food coloring, marbles, straws—those sort of things.

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