Creative Corporate Portraits Fit For a Creative Ad Agency

Wexley School For Girls is an advertising agency, self described as a Fan Factory, that creates engaged fanatics, turning consumers into fans of brands. It certainly doesn’t take much to realize the full humorist creativeness of this team.

On the other had, John Keatley is one of the most creative portrait photographers in the world; his (also) quick sense of humor and down-to-earth outlook allow him to engage and connect with the subjects in the most fantastic, dramatic, yet funny kind of way.

Here’s what happens when Keatley and Wexley School Agency get together:

The video follows a shooting session by photographer John Keatley, portraying Wexley Senior Leadership Team.

Creative people (usually) have a great sense of humor and, honestly, that’s crucial to produce the best results imaginable.


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One response to “Creative Corporate Portraits Fit For a Creative Ad Agency”

  1. shovona karmakar says:

    loved his concept.. good wishes to him :)

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