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Have you taken the time to really learn and understand how color affects the viewers of your photographs? This new eBook is designed give you all the steps to graduate onto vibrant, pro-level color photography. We were able to negotiate a 73% discount for our readers today if you want to check it out. Learn more: Color Photography Advanced Guide at 73% Off

advanced color guide

Just released: Creating Rich & Vibrant Color Photography Volume 2 (See Inside)

This 194 page practical guide is packed with Assignments, Key Lessons, and Self-Check Quizzes (27 assignments, 35 key lessons, & 108 self-check questions)!

Whether you like it or not– Your use of color is determining the success of your photographs.

Every color photograph that you create telegraphs a message to a viewer, but…

Are you sending the right message?

Do you even know what the right message is?

Do you have a clear understanding of how to control that message through your use of color?

Some of the Many Topics Covered:

  • Why bold color must communicate a message or it will actually hurt your photograph! (Page 7)
  • Why you must understand your market when producing color photography- (Page 8)
  • The beauty of injecting soft colors into your message. (Page 27)
  • Which colors are bold and which are soft? (Page 10)
  • Some mega-helpful apps for analyzing color! (Page 22)
  • Why professional color photographers plan their color scheme- (Page 31)
  • Details on how color has implications far beyond the obvious. Recognize this, and use it to your advantage! (Page 33)
  • Why overdoing post-processing can kill the effectiveness of your color photograph- (Page 50)
pages from color guide

Pages from the Advanced Color Guide (See More Within)

  • How to take deliberate steps toward a desired outcome while post-processing… (Page 56)
  • Analyzing what you want to say with your color photograph! (Page 52)
  • Why certain colors can make a viewer feel good or even sick- (Page 69)
  • Color and Lighting – forever tied together. (Page 71)
  • What the Universal Power Colors are… Plus, what the Secondary Power Colors are. (Page 75)
  • How to effectively combine colors. (Page 88)
  • Using color to infuse your own feelings into your photography (Page 94)
  • And much more… this is just the tip of iceberg! (194 Pages Total)

With this guide, you’re getting a comprehensive tool for learning how-to produce rich and vibrant color photographs and a proven system for making your photos unforgettable. Plus you can re-read the material anytime you want, whenever you need a quick refresh.

How to Get it for a Discount Today (with a Bonus):

We were able to negotiate a 73% discount for our readers today which ends soon. And the offer two bonus video tutorials. All of it also carries an amazing 365 day happiness guarantee so there is no risk in trying it.

Offer ending soon: The Color Photography Advanced Guide at 73% Off

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